Douglas Hanley
230 S. Bouquet St.
4507 W. W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, 2014-Present
Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2017 (short term)
Ph.D., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
B.S., Economics, California Institute of Technology, 2006
Macroeconomics, Knowledge Diffusion, Technological Change, Computational Methods, Climate Economics
Optimal Taxation and R&D Policies (with Ufuk Akcigit and Stefanie Stantcheva), Econometrica, Forthcoming
High-speed Rail and Collaborative Innovation (with Mingqin Wu), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2021
Back to Basics: Basic Research Spillovers, Innovation Policy and Growth (with Ufuk Akcigit and Nicolas Serrano-Velarde), Review of Economic Studies, 2020
Cited in the Economic Report of the President 2016
Assessing the Rate of Replication in Economics (with James Berry, Lucas Coffman, Rania Gihleb, and Alistair Wilson), American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), 2017
Transition to Clean Technology (with Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, and William Kerr), Journal of Political of Economy, 2016
Science is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial (with Neil Thompson)
Economics and Epidemics: Evidence from an Estimated Spatial Econ-SIR Model (with Mark Bognanni, Daniel Kolliner, and Kurt Mitman)
From Patents to Products: Innovation, Product Creation, and Firm Growth (with David Argente, Salomé Baslandze, and Sara Moreira)
Innovation and Patent Policy with Interdependent Technology
Spatial Clustering of Firms: A Machine Learning Approach (with Chengying Luo and Mingqin Wu)
Theory and Evidence on the Relationship Between Corruption and Innovation (with Mingqin Wu)
International Competition in the Race to Clean Technology (with Chengying Luo)
Yellow Fever and the Growth of American Cities (with Sean McCoy and Werner Troesken)
Graduate: Computational Methods in Economics, Advanced Economic Growth, Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I/II
Undergraduate: Macroeconomics Proseminar, Economic Growth Elective, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics (Penn)
2021: Taiwan Symposium on Innovation Economics and Entrepreneurship (National Tsing Hua University)
2019: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Seoul National University Policy Forum, South China Normal University (Guangzhou), SED Conference 2019 (Washington University, St. Louis), Korea Economic Review International Conference (Seoul), Econometrics Society China (Jinan University, Guangzhou), Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research (Georgia Tech, discussant), NBER Innovation Summer Institute (Cambridge, MA, attended), European Midwest Micro/Macro Conference (Univ of Chicago, attended)
2018: Computational Social Sciences Retreat (Pitt), Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (Rome), Econometrics Society Asia Meetings (Seoul), South China Normal University (Guangzhou), 4th Workshop on Chinese Politics and Society (Shanghai), World Bank
2017: Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ISET-TSU, Tbilisi), Seoul National University, Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy (CMU)
2016: Peking U (PHBS, Shenzhen)
2015: U of Hong Kong, Sogang U, IIES (Stockholm), Firm and Technology Dynamics: A Global Perspective (Nottingham), Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, Society for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting (Warsaw), Mini Conference on Economic Growth (Chicago)
2014: U of Toronto, USC (Marshall), U of Pittsburgh, U of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), CREI
2010-2013: Penn Money Macro Workshop, Society for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, Midwest Macroeconomic Meetings, Penn Money Macro Club, International Industrial Organization Conference
American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Monetary Economics, European Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Journal of Public Economics, International Economic Review, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Theory, RAND Journal of Economics, The Economic Journal
Hiring: Sustainability (Junior and Postdoc, 2015-16), International Trade (Junior, 2016-17), Development (Junior, 2016-17), International Macro (Junior, 2018-19), Econometrics (Junior, 2019-20)
Committees: Website Committee (2016-), Department Chair Selection Committee (2021), Diversity Committee (2021)
Research Assistant, MIT, 2010-2013
Research Assistant, Caltech, 2005-2006
Research Assistant, CITA, Summer 2004
Software Developer, Cyplex Inc, 2006-2007
Software Developer, Lycoris Corp, Summer 2003
Software Developer, KDE Group, 2001-2002